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Top 5 Best Video Conferencing Cameras

5 Best video conferencing cameras


Most video conference cameras are made up of a main unit, a monitor, speakers, camera, microphones, and a central control panel. The overall size of the unit and the components depends on what you want to use it for. Sometimes the speakers are included in the package, and there is often more than one microphone. Before you plan to buy your video conferencing camera, you should have a good idea what you will be using it for. We have selected the top five best video conferencing cameras.

1. Logitech Group Video Conferencing Bundle

This is a complete audio/video conference set up for large rooms. It comes with HD video camera and speaker-phone, as well as expansion mics. The bundle is designed to be able to handle groups of up to 20 people and has a 28foot audio range. There is a 9- degree field of view so all the participants will be easily seen. The speaker-phone is very high quality so delivers sound clearly and loudly, without any muffle effect. The video records with autofocus and a digital pan/tilt and zoom feature. The system works with most UC, conferencing, and cloud apps, and is certified for use with Skype, Cisco Jabber, and WebEx. This is one of the easiest systems to use, and very affordable for what it delivers.

2. Polycom VVX 500 & 600 Video Conferencing Camera

This is a very simple set up which can be used by turning your desktop device into a conference centre. It is a very simple plug and play device with USB power. An advantage is that there are no requirements for any software drivers. It takes literally a few seconds to install and does not need extra end-points, software or driver. This is a very cost-effective method without having to spend more on external equipment. The camera is sold as an add on to Polycom desktop phones.

3. Logitech ConferenceCam Connect Video Conference Webcam

This set up is designed for smaller groups of between 1 – 6 people. It comes with built-in speaker-phone, and is a completely portable all-in-one video conference centre. It is very sleek and easy to carry, which means that you can conference from any workplace. There is a 90-degree field of view and the sound is optimised for small groups. The HD video has an autofocus and pan/tilt/zoom feature. It is possible to connect mobile devices to the system and display content on a tv screen from your smartphone or tablet. For the ultimate flexibility, it works on rechargeable batteries or AC power. It will provide you with multi-device connectivity and works with features such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Skype.

4. Logitech Conference Cam BCC950 Video Conference Webcam

The Carl Zeiss Optics deliver autofocus with razor sharp images with a 78-degree field of vision. There is a remote-controlled video pan of 180 degrees with pan, tilt and zoom features. The video is ultra-high quality for clarity. This conference Cam allows people to be heard from up to 8 feet away from the base. There is an echo cancellation feature which makes it seem as if all the conversations are happening in the same room. It comes with camera pan, tilt and zoom, volume up and down, mute and hang up functions even during a conference call. This is an ideal set up for smaller groups, and is free standing so groups can use it in any convenient place. It is also portable so there is never any need to have to wait for the use of the conference room!

5. HDE 12 Megapixel Webcam USB Online Camera  

This is a clip-on webcam with a swivel head and LED lights. It has a built-in microphone for audio input, and a recording feature. Because of the LED, this can be used clearly in darker rooms. The system is compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7. The base is fully adjustable and the head can be positioned to cover the entire room. This is a perfect tool for Skype, ICQ, Yahoo and Google and may other video conferencing systems. It is an easy to install system and comes with a colour compensation and adjustment feature. The video provides sharp HD quality and smooth playback. It is completely portable and can fit into most laptop bags.


There are three main groups to consider when you buy a video conferencing camera, namely if your group is desktop, small or large. This will dictate the type of conferencing camera you invest in. Desktop conferencing allows for single conference calls, while small groups are normally between 2 – 6 people. Larger groups may be up to 20 people at a time. Pay attention to the quality of the camera, microphones, and software which you may need. Finally, be sure to check the warranty of the equipment that you purchase.