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Top 5 Best Small Video Cameras

In an age where cell phones come with video cameras by default, it seems redundant to spend money on a video camera. Professional vloggers and video makers, however, will tell you that’s not the case. A camera phone is adequate for a fun video to share with friends on Facebook, but it lacks the quality resolution necessary for professional videos. Still, a professional video camera doesn’t have to be a pain to carry. When we think of video cameras, we typically picture heavy camera bags and several pieces to be assembled. The truth is that many of the best video cameras on the market are small enough to fit in your hand. Here are our top five:

1. Powpro PP-HDV301M

This camera is small enough to fit into your backpack, purse, or messenger bag with ease and can even fit into your pocket. But don’t let its size fool you into thinking that it’s limited in its options. This 6” video camera is full of cool features. The 16X advanced digital zoom allows for a close shot of precise movements and colors, the LED fill lights will capture pictures at night as well as day. It comes equipped with USB and HDMI cables, so your pictures can be displayed both on your laptop and on your TV, and the camera can be charged by any USB port.

2. RockBirds HDV-5052STR

This smart WiFi camcorder arrives prepared for the modern age of social media and livestreaming. When the camera is hooked up to the wifi, it can broadcast your video in Real Time HD to share with family and friends who are too far away to share the moment with you as it’s happening. You can even connect your smartphone or tablet to use as a remote for hands-free control of the camera. And the video broadcast is sure to be high quality, with 270 degree rotation and 32GB of memory. All of that fits into a compact 6” that can easily fit in your hand or be placed on top of a tripod if need be.

3. Spy Hidden Camera Mate 808

This is by far the smallest camera, about the size of a quarter, and there’s a reason for that: the whole appeal for the Mate 808 is in its discretion. A perfect fit for a keychain with the deceptive look of car keys, this camera is perfect for a dash cam, CCTV or other surveillance purposes. It can also serve as a webcam or a regular video recorder. This camera can record up to 60 minutes on battery, and like the Rockbirds camercorder, it can record in real time. It can also take still photos should you have any need for that.


On battery, this 4” hand-held camcorder weighs less than a pound and can fit with ease into your pocket. It can also record up to two hours of video, almost as long as the three hours that it takes to charge back to full power. It comes equipped with both TV cable and USB cord to make it easier to share the quality videos that you film with its 270 degree rotation and 16x zoom. This camera also comes equipped with a microphone, which is built internally and thus doesn’t have to be attached for filming.

5. GSmade Full HD 1080P Spy Pen

Have you ever seen a spy movie where a spy or FBI agent has a pen that looks like a typical office pen, but is in actuality a camera? This is that camera. It writes and functions exactly like a pen, but with a hidden video recorder just above the grip of the pin. This video recorder, despite its covert appearance and diminutive size, has 32GB of memory. To get your footage, simply untwist the pen in half and take out the flash drive, which can easily be attached to your computer.

Sometimes the phone on your camera simply isn’t enough, and that’s okay. Hand-held camcorders aren’t going anywhere any time soon, and with advances in technology, they’re becoming more compact for their value. Whether you need a small, light camera for more professional video making or you need to record video more discreetly, there are plenty of options out there for you.