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GoPro HERO+ Best Action Camera

GoPro HERO+ Review

The GoPro HERO+ is one of the latest entry-level cameras and has taken the photography industry by a storm. This outstanding small camera is among the best so far with amazing features that are worth considering.

Designed with very powerful 8MP lens and immersive 1080p/60fps video resolution, this camera has the capacity to take clear shots and capture high-quality videos irrespective of the weatherconditions.

When it comes to technology, the GoPro HERO+ is designed with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity that allows it to take photos and share them immediately using the GoPro App.

All contents captured by this camera can be shared with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet. They can be uploaded to all social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube with ease. When it comes to safety, the GoPro HERO+ has been designed with water-resistant capabilities.

It can be taken up to 131 feet deep underwater without worrying about water entering and damaging the camera. Last but not least, this small camera comes with a Micro-USB port and a microSD card slot that supports flash cards of up to 64GB.

Features of the GoPro HERO+ (WiFi Enabled)

  • Video quality— The prominent selling feature of the GoPro HERO+ Camera is the quality of videos/photos that can be produced. Unlike other cameras, this one comes with powerful 8MP lens and video resolution of 1080P/60fps, making it perfect for high- quality professional photography.
  • Wireless connectivity— This camera is designed with an exclusive Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity that makes it quite easy for you to connect it with multiple smart devices. The wireless connectivity also allows you to link the camera with the GoPro App as well as multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Waterproof— The water-resistant feature is another major selling point of the GoPro HERO+ camera as it allows this special camera to take photos of marine life up to 131 feet deep underwater. This feature also allows the camera to operate in rough weather conditions such as rainy, snowy or windy conditions.


  • This camera has an outstanding 1080p LCD touchscreen that gives you a quality view of your day’s photos and videos.
  • This 8MP camera plays a major role in making your photos appear professional and inspiring.
  • There is Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to help you share files with your smart devices and social media accounts.
  • The 64GB microSD card offers an extensive capacity to save most of your contents without worrying about the space.


  • Most customers have complained about the operation of this camera. They say that everything about this camera is just hard and it requires third party assistance such as YouTube tutorials to operate.
  • Most customers have also complained about the weak battery stating that it drains out pretty fast. Another major drawback is that its battery is not removable. This makes things even worse.


A lot has been said about the GoPro HERO+ Camera. While some customers have criticized its operation, others have really praised its smart features stating that it’s one of a kind.

Designed with outstanding features that include a powerful lens, large storage capacity, HD LCD screen and ability to resist moisture up to 131-feet deep under water, this is the best camera to consider for all your outdoor activities.


Although the GoPro HERO+ does exactly what it is designed to do, a number of concerns have been raised. This is something that forced us to review at least two more alternatives to give customers more options to choose from.

The GoPro HERO is the first sports camera that we looked at. Emerging as the first camera in the GoPro series, the GoPro HERO is perfect for outdoor, indoor and marine photography, thanks to the 5MP lens with video quality of 1080P and 720P.

This camera is designed with a storage capacity of up to 32GB, allowing you to record long videos without worrying about space. This camera has a powerful battery and is capable of taking photos up to 131-feet deep underwater.

We also reviewed the Veho Muvi K-Series K-2 NPNG. Standing tall as one of the best cameras in the market, the Veho Muvi K-Series K-2 NPNG is a powerful 16-MP camera that captures videos at the resolutions of 1080P@60fps or 720P@120fps.

This camera comes with two identical 1500-mA hrechargeable batteries that allow up to 4 hours of uninterrupted recording time. The camera has an expandable memory of 8GB and powerful WiFi connectivity of up to 60 meters.


After a thorough review of three of the market’s best sports cameras, the GoPro HERO+ is the leading camera in our listing. This is a powerful 8MP camera that comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, USB port and 64GB microSD card.

With this camera, you can capture high-quality videos/photos without worrying about space or sharing mode. Although this camera is quite expensive, high-profile customers have recommended it stating that it’s the best camera for recording HD videos.

Second in our list is the GoPro HERO. Quite similar to the GoPro HERO+, this camera is the father of all GoPro products and has all the required features that you’d want to see in a quality camera.

It has video resolutions of 1080P and 720P, memory card slot of up to 32GB and water- resistant capabilities. Available at an affordable price, the GoPro HERO is perfect for customers looking for a cheap but quality camera.

Last in our list is the VehoMuvi K-Series K-2 NPNG. Designed for high-quality photography, this camera comes with 16MP 1080P@60fps or 720P@120fps resolutions that allow you to capture HD contents without any interruptions. The camera comes with two rechargeable batteries.

However, its memory capacity of only 8GB is an issue. Although this camera has everything that you’d expect to see in a quality unit, the lack of a bigger space capacity caused it to be the last camera in our listing.