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Best Action Cameras under $100

Best Action Cameras under $100

Looking for a cheap action camera that gives you all the necessary features without sacrificing quality? Well, relax because you’re already at the right place.

First of all, let me confess that some high-end companies such as GoPro have been producing and distributing some of the best and high-quality small cameras in the market for the last few decades. Such companies have really dominated the market despite selling very expensive action cameras.

Although these companies have had a good run in the market, other small companies - especially in the eastern parts of the world - have joined the race to produce cheap but high-quality action cameras, thanks to the growing market and technology.

What makes the market so competitive is customers’ demands. Nowadays, everyone is looking for a cheap camera that has all the relevant features that make operating the camera simple and user-friendly.

While GoPro is looking to release their latest GoPro HERO 5, other companies are also now releasing some of their latest cheap action cameras. These also have special features that are well worth considering. That being said, this article focuses on some of the best action cameras under $100 in the market today.

Vtin 2.0-Inch 1080P HD Waterproof Sports Action Camera DV Camcorder Kit

The Vtin 2.0-Inch Sports Action Camera is one of the best budget cameras in the market today. Designed with the state of the art technology, this camera has the ability to operate in almost every setting without getting damaged.

This camera comes with a 2.0-inch HD screen and a 170 degrees wide view lens that allow you to capture and view contents without straining. The 12MP camera with a video resolution of 1080P/30fps allows you to snap photos and take high- quality HD videos at any given time.

To ensure that your photography experience is not interrupted, the manufacturer has included a 32GB storage card and a powerful battery that allows you to capture videos for a long time. Available with a waterproof case and additional accessories that allow you to mount this camera on any object, the Vtin 2.0-Inch Sports Action Camera is among the best budget cameras in the market today.

ABLEGRID® SJ5000 WIFI Novatek 96655 12MP

The ABLEGRID SJ5000 Sports Action Camera is another outstanding budget camera that has really taken the photography industry by a storm.

Tailored to satisfy the ever-growing market demand, this camera comes with industry-leading features that include 2-inch LCD screen, 12MP lens with 1080P and 720P resolution, detachable battery and water-resistant case that resists moisture up to 98 feet deep in water.

With such a camera at disposal, users can take underwater photos without any fear of damaging the camera as well as record high-quality videos for a long time, thanks to the 32GB storage capacity.

With the ability to be operated in different languages such as English, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Russian, the ABLEGRID SJ5000 Sports Action Camera is one of the best small cameras in the market today.

Smarson WIFI HD Digital Action Sports Camera, 12 MP 1080P 1.5" LCD

The Smarson WIFI HD Digital Action Camera is a perfect product for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Designed with the latest features, this camera is small but perfect for indoor, outdoor and underwater photography. To begin with, this camera comes with a 1080P 12MP HD 170 degrees lens that captures every single detail from start to finish.

It has a 1.5-inch TFT screen that allows you to navigate through the settings easily without any problem. It also comes with a powerful battery and a waterproof case that resists moisture up to 98 feet deep in the water. Needless to say, the Smarson is an excellent diving camera!

The built-in WiFi connectivity feature allows this camera to wirelessly connect with multiple devices for easy viewing of files. In addition to that, the Smarson WIFIHD Digital Action Camera comes with an iSmartDV App that allows all iOS and Android devices to operate as remote control while setting up this camera.

Available in a compact design, the Smarson WIFIHD Digital Action Camera has secured 4.7/5 star rating from 87 customers, making it one of the leading budget cameras in the market.