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Best Camera Under 300

Photography is a fine art that has advanced leaps and bounds in the last couple decades. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features, today’s digital cameras get crystal clear images. A good camera does not need to hammer away at your checking account either. Some of the most highly known companies make the best cameras under $300. This means you are just a paycheck away to owning an impressive piece of equipment that will more than get the job done.

Nikon Coolpix L340 20MP Camera

Nikon is a company that has a plethora of different business around imaging, and they bring all of this experience to the forefront with their cameras. This L340 camera has a 28x optical zoom with telescoping 56x dynamic fine zoom. Create images that you can seemingly reach out and touch with the massive 20 megapixel photo quality. For more diversity this camera also doubles as video recorder; Making beautiful 720P HD videos you can bring all of your memories to life. Coming with a lens cap, USB cable, and strap, this camera is ready to go right out of the box.

Canon SX530 16MP Powershot Camera

Since 1955 Canon has been revolutionizing the camera industry. This long lasting company has brought their considerable experience to create a product with an impressive 50x optical zoom. The 16 megapixels combines with a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, and DIGIC 4+ image processor to create breathtaking visuals. Capture everything in seamless 1080P full HD format with the video recorder setting. Putting cutting edge technology into this camera, Canon has incorporated wifi capabilities so you can easily share photos and videos wirelessly with mobile devices. For added stabilization for close up shots, there is the Macro Hybrid IS to keep the image from getting fuzzy.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-F270 16MP Camera

This Japanese company is nearly a century old - despite this prodigious age they know how to make one of the best digital cameras under $300. Zoom in on even the most infinitesimal piece of minutia with the 60x optical zoom. For added focus there is the built in stabilization features, or the Power Optical Image Stabilizer, that ensures you are getting crystal clear images every time. All of this and you can also record in full 1080 HD, giving a video quality that makes your viewers feel like they are right in the action. The creative control mode gives you editing capabilities right on the camera to retouch and fix whatever you deem necessary.

Kodak PIXPRO AZ421 16MP Camera

When people think of cameras, they often think of Kodak. For good reason too, because Kodak made the first roll of film and the first digital camera. The AZ421 has a 16 megapixel image quality with CCD sensor to enlarge, zoom, and crop to your heart’s content. Get right into the action with the 42x optical zoom. Coming with a veritable smorgasbord worth of features, this camera contains a panoramic view to capture a massive 180 degree photo. On top of this is the facial recognition, blink and smile detection, and a face beautifier. Getting wonderful visuals and the ability to enhance them even further is definitely Kodak’s business.

Canon Powershot SX410 20MP Camera

It should be no surprise that Canon gets yet another mention on this list. The SX410 is yet another example of their ingenuity and striving for excellence. The 20 megapixel camera has built in Canon DIGIC 4+ image processor to further enhance visuals. Record those precious moments in 720p full HD at 25 frames per second with the video recorder option. Zoom right in with the 40x optical zoom and 24mm wide-angle lens. For those that want to go the distance on a single battery charge, there is the ECO mode, providing more shots for less energy.


Cameras used to be an arduous affair and required plenty of capital to purchase. In the 21st century you can get amazing images for a fraction of the price. It is this that the considerable experiences of Canon, Nikon, Kodak, and Panasonic make their mark. With the best camera under $300 you’ll be immortalizing beautiful images for years to come. Click that camera on and get ready to say “Cheese!” with any of these excellent digital cameras.